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An event celebrating excellence in Philadelphia music education
We are sorry to inform you that this Event has been postponed

“Envisioning a world in which
every young musician has the opportunity to succeed”

Why Come?


In a big city like Philadelphia this doesn’t happen enough, but we are coming together to celebrate success stories. We are looking at the positive change music has had in the lives of our youth. You may ask yourself why Philadelphia Freedom? Because through the work of generous people who didn’t sit idle and watch potential fade away, they took action like our founder fathers. We can see a window and a way out for so many through the simple act of keeping music alive. One such organization with vision The Primavera Fund continues to shape the lives of young musicians.

The Primavera Fund grants access to high level musical training that without economic means is out of reach for many.  We are most proud of our 100% college acceptance rate. Graduate Artists have been accepted into Various music programs at Universities and Conservatories. Some are the first in their family to attend college. They have performed at the White House and Carnegie Hall, and on tour in Italy and Iceland, among other triumphs.

Philadelphia Freedom is an event celebrating diversity, hope, and excellence in Philadelphia music education. But more so, it is celebrating making dreams come true for children in our area.

At this special event you’ll get

  • Dinner including Drinks
  • Live Entertainment with the West Philly Orchestra as well as DJ Skipmode
  • A Silent Auction with items that will make your friends envious
  • Our Signature Cocktail: The Glass Harmonica.

So come join us for a night under lights to rock out, eat great local food and celebrate music education in Philadelphia! Our town has always been a place for rebel creativity. We are innovators and movers, we don’t wait for things to come to us, we are a city of fighters who continue to build our communities and help them rise.

The Headliners

West Philadelphia Orchestra is a unique live ensemble in today’s auto-tuned musical world…

“– this is by far one of the most energetic acts in the city. Check them out…” -Get Lucid


Why support The Primavera Fund?

Creativity. Diversity. Commitment.

According to the Philadelphia Department of Education, in 2016 only 70% of high school seniors in Philadelphia were graduated. Of those, various studies report between 20 and 60% of them as matriculating into college. The college completion rate is even lower. 

Studies consistently show that the #1 predictor of success belief in oneself. When somebody else believes in you, especially when that person is a respected professional and a mentor who takes a particular interest in and puts energy into your development, it is far easier to believe in yourself.

Our Impact on the Future

Our number one goal is to prepare our artists for a life in music. Through focused, individualized attention and a creative approach to goal setting and progress, we produce competitive, successful graduates.

We have sent our graduates to Rowan and Temple Universities, Ithaca College, and Mannes School of Music. One of our seniors has already been accepted into the Royal College of Music in London, another into the University of Maryland and DePaul University. Quite frankly, they always had this in them, but our complete devotion to our Artists’ progress results in them believing in themselves, and therefore succeeding.

The Primavera Fund believe deeply in the talent that lives within our city, and that investing in our city’s youth is an investment in the future of Philadelphia.

When and Where


We are sorry to inform you that this event has been postponed